Is Death the only path out of the Necronomicon workings?

This is about honesty and integrity. I am sure that many of our regular readers are wondering about the recent surge of postings related to the Simon Necronomicon. What I can say is that over the past few years, as the popularity of the Simon Necronomicon grimoire has increased, so has a large amount of disinformation related to the tome.

True initiates of the Tradition only seek to keep pure the integrity of the system. I’m sure some of our recent postings may have alarmed some, but it is best to be clear in all matters. I made the honest choice years ago. Perhaps, I could have made it bit of capital gain off the “Necronomicon Tradition.” We had major magazines and other news outlets seeking interviews and more information, but people’s live were and are at stake, and the quality of honesty is something that is greatly increased by means of the initiation.

Is the only way out of the Simon Necronomicon workings death? The answer to this question is in the practitioner’s understanding of life. Initiation is often likened to rebirth and being born, and to speak about our initiation in this regard the answer would be “yes.” Let us find some clarification.

Every human being is born with two parents and regardless of what our relationship is with our parents, we will always be affected by our parents, even if only in a genetic way. Post-life relationships with one’s parents, and their service as our guardians in life, is an agreed upon aspect of theology that was held by all ancient civilizations. In like manner, when an Initiate is reborn through the seven-gated initiation, the bond with their otherworldly family is lifelong. So in the parental sense, the initiatory forces activated during one’s initiation are with you for life in a similar manner as our relationships and ties that exist with our earthly parents. As this bond is one for life, then we can accurately assume that it “may” end during the time of one’s natural death. Maybe not. On the other hand, the idea that someone is going to die because they stop doing rituals from a grimoire printed by Avon Books and sells for $7.99 is simply delusional. So what does this for the Necronomicon Initiate?

Inanna/Ishtar’s Descent into the Netherworld is an initiatory rite that the template for the gate-walking initiation found in the Simon Necronomicon. The only problem is that most participants in the initiation only complete half of the rite, as their egos prevent them from completing the full initation.

Christian Baptism is another initiatory rite that was formulated after Inanna/Ishtar’s Descent into the Netherworld. A new disciple in Christ is judged, not for what he was doing during his baptism, literally, while dwelling beneath the seas, but how he leads his life after the baptism has occurred. Now imagine if this newly converted Christian reasoned that if he stayed underwater, he could gain some sort of power? Would they not perish? Of course! However, in coming up out of the “waters,” the new Christian could reflect on the symbolism of his dedication as a means of strengthening resolve and honor for the path itself.

In like manner, the initiation of the Azonei, Ganzir, and the Planetary Zonei consists of the “waters” in which the Necronomicon Priest/Priestess are submerged beneath and can thereby observe the “Trinity pf Life” and understand how it affects reality. Now if the Initiate were to reason that while they are submerged beneath the seas, they could gain some sort of power, this individual will either become either a slave of an elemental, and live a life filled with paranoia, or soulless. In order to complete the initiation they must return to “Life.”  The Simon Necronomicon  is in full support of this current observation.

Is Death the only path out of the Necronomicon workings?
Is Death the only path out of the Necronomicon workings?


Secret Knowledge of Necronomicon Baptism

The mythical Mad Arab writes the tome from the perspective of someone who had worked with the system of initiation, but is about to depart from the initiatory seas that he once sought refuge in. The last words of the Mad Arab are:

“A wind has risen. The Dark Waters stir. This is the Book of the Servant of the Gods.”

This is a clear quote from the Magan Text in describing what happened to Ishtar before and during her ascent from the Netherworld. The movement of the “dark waters,” as it appears in the Magan Text, refers to shifts in one’s subconscious mind.  The “lucidity” one feels and the occurrences connected to such patterns signifies what is meant by the “dark waters” stirring.

Part of the initiatory challenge comes in resisting the temptation to use this phenomenal power of the Simon Necronomicon for one’s own aims, and in so doing, this person must remain in the Netherworld by the constant act of opening the “Gate to the Outside.”  This often happens because an initiate may not be well-informed as to the purpose of a “Necronomicon Baptism,” and may falsely assume that this initiation serves the sole purpose of dedicating oneself to a pantheon of deities.  Yet, if one remains as an agent of Ereshkigal, their initiation is not complete. In order for the initiation to complete itself, one must walk away from the initiatory practices and rituals and work with the Necronomicon from a mystical standpoint. It is then that the true purpose of this initiation is revealed:

The Dark Waters trembled and roiled.

AZAG-THOTH screamed upon his throne
CUTHALU lurched forth from his sleep
ISHNIGARRAB fled the Palace of Death
IAK SAKKAK trembled in fear and hate
The ANNUNNAKI fled their thrones
The Eye upon the Throne took flight
ERESHKIGAL roared and summoned NAMMTAR
The Magician NAMMRAR she called
But not for pursuit
But for protection.

INANNA ascended from the Underworld.

The Necronomicon Baptism, when fully completed, blesses an Initiate with a harvest during retrograde motions of the celestial bodies. In ancient times this form of initiation was enacted to protect royalty from ill planetary fates. In case of a Necronomicon Initiate, they will view the backward motions of planets as times for harvest, but this cannot occur as long as they are chained to the Netherworld, and effortless trap created by Simon of course. This truth is hidden in the Mad Arab’s metaphoric language:

“I have traveled on the Spheres, and the Spheres do not protect me. I have descended into the Abyss, and the Abyss does not protect me. I have walked to the tops of mountains, and the mountains do not protect me. I have walked the Seas, and the Seas do not protect me.”

This evidently is of importance because a similar passage appears in the opening of the tome:

“My fate is no longer writ in the stars, for I have broken the Chaldean Covenant by seeking power over the Zonei. I have set foot on the moon, and the moon no longer has power over me. The lines of my life have been oblitered by my wanderings in the Waste, over the letters writ in the heavens by the gods.”

In order for us to obtain a true knowledge of ourselves, we must also recognize how our spirits are influenced by the heavenly bodies. The benefit of a Necronomicon initiation is not in the benefit of marriage with a pantheon, but in the knowledge of one’s own will being made manifest after the purification of the gate-walking initiation has occurred. When this is fully accomplished both forward and retrograde motions of celestial bodies will bless us.

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  1. If I remember correctly, the Simon Tome recommends prayers from one’s ancestors religions if the reader had no religion or had changed their religion. It is a good question, nevertheless. If you were born with the Simon Necronomicon as your base of faith, then you should keep its prayers handy. Though rare, it will happen in some cases.

    1. @lostresearcher.. i imagine that since the Simon tome is nearing its 40th anniversary, perhaps there are those born in its practice, though rare.

  2. Hi there. Eehm i have a question. There’s a part in the book that says -please excuse my lack of proper english- that this ancient knowledge must be kept safe and protected from the servants of chaos on one hand and regular people on the other. Then there’s the friendly reminder that failure to safeguard this knowledge will result in torture and eternal damnation because of the nighizhida* curse. My question: isnt this web site the very exact thing the writtings in the book advise not to do? And btw thanks for sharing this information. It’s been really useful

    1. If the words of the tome are to be taken literally, then it is probably best to ask its editors why did they publish the text through Avon Books?
      Besides we don’t reveal how to use the formulas in the book. Simply just provide the historical origins of what’s given in the text and discuss its hidden meanings. Thanks for sharing!

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