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                                          This Gun for Hire

The ingenuity of Vancouver’s raging beast have taken no shorts in their work engineer and producer Roger Swan (K-Os, Battle Axe), Hardcore metal group, This Gun for Hire, which consists of Tyler Burns (guitars), Shelby Tanaka (vocals), Axel Verstraeten (guitars) Mitch Harsch (drummer), and bassist Jake Murdoch, are bound to stir up a caliber of gratitude with their upcoming release of their debut 12 track album ‘Something A Little More Sinister.’

This Gun for Hire is one band that has successfully crossed the grain against the norm. First, I was surprised to see the release of a full album rather than an ep, as most acts have been releasing nowadays. Now the only questions that remains is if This Gun for Hire can hold our attention for the length of a full album?

Something A Little More Sinister is not just a collection of songs, but a journey of initiation for the true metalheads. The album’s opening track, Infection, gives the listener only a taste of what lies ahead. Personally, I found quite a few immediate favorites on this album. For example, the title track, Something A Little More Sinister,” is a masterpiece in the genre.

Formed in 2015, This Gun for Hire is unique as its originality. These guys have developed a bond between themselves strong enough to feel confident in what they have to present artistically, unlike the prepackaged gimmicks that are often seen in the music industry. I’m giving Something A Little More Sinister by This Gun for Hire Five out of Five Stars.

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