With Ties To Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the Founder of Black Lives Matter -Has Donald Trump Usurped Bill Clinton’s Title of Being America’s First Black President?

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“Sharpton has known Trump since the late 80s, when the two men were introduced by Don King. Trump was working with King to bring boxing—and particularly Mike Tyson, a friend of Sharpton’s—to Trump’s Atlantic City casinos. There had been bad blood between Sharpton and Trump over the Central Park jogger case, and King was eager to make peace. They flew to Atlantic City on Trump’s helicopter, with “Trump trying to convince me that he was not bigoted,” Sharpton recalls. “He was playing the misunderstood guy. ‘I’m witchoo guys.’ – Vanity Fair Magazine.

The subject of race and ethnicity are often misunderstood by the layman. In ancient times, people didn’t fall under the categorization of black and white unless they were known participants of the magical arts from which these terms derive when applied to people. Later, black and white was used as a caste term, still having nothing to do with complexion.

I know of cases where the darkest African is listed as “white” because they were born in a “biblical land.” Some even tried to sue the Department of Immigration, in an attempt to change their status from white to black, and were denied a change in status. The story of Mostafa Hefny, is one example of a man with an extremely dark complexion listed as white. Perhaps, we can safely say that former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate hoopla may have been more about him being classified as “white” than in what nation he was born.

Echoing the words of Hip Hop persona KRS-One, as covered in the above cited video, it would be “a disrespect” to Ann Dunham, mother of former President Obama, to classify him as “black.” Instead, we find in the person of the former President, one of the few true African-Americans in America, having parentage of both American and Kenyan descent.

So who would qualify as America’s first Black President? Congressional opinions lead us to believe that President Donald Trump has all the qualifications to win a battle against popular runner-up, former President Bill Clinton.

While it can be said that former President Bill Clinton never engaged in the “pussy-grabbing” folly of America’s current leader, he has puffed without inhaling on a few cigars after inserting them into several women’s vaginas. When the leaders of the free world no longer seek to be politically correct, we have to question whether our search for America’s first black president should be defined by looking for the most niggardly behavior in our nation’s capital. Well, if you are still in awe about President Trump’s memorable title, here is a list of facts that will even get the most conservative viewers in support of a liberal spokesman.

1- Donald Trump is the first president to ever appear on a Wu Tang Clan album. Long before Trump ran for president, he enjoy friendships with some of the Rap World’s finest lyricists. Released in 1998, Wu Tang Clan member, Method Man featured Trump on a skit, entitled, Donald Trump, on his Tical 2000: Judgment Day album. Certainly, when President Trump was running for office, he kept most politicians in fear, due to the Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin To F*#K With philosophy, which eventually led to his victory.

2- Donald Trump held close ties with Revered Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Rev. Jesse Jackson  In the late 90’s, Rev. Jackson praised Trump for all his help in the Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project. “I now want to bring forth a friend who while he is deceptive of his social style…one can miss his seriousness and his commitment, but his success is beyond argument,” Jackson stated about Trump in the video appearing below. Rev. Jackson. Recently, Jackson spoke highly of President Trump’s inauguration speech in 2017, stating:

“The speech was full of hope and inclusion and he reached out to cities in a way they’ve not been reached out to for a long time,”

The controversial Rev. Al Sharpton is another figure that Donald Trump has a long affiliation with. Surprisingly, it seems that their love for the sport of boxing played a big part in bringing these two gentlemen together. In an article published by the National Review on September 1st, 2015 by Jillian Kay Melchior, entitled, Trump’s Pal Al, we find this observation made about the odd couple:

“Sharpton and Trump forged an unlikely friendship over Atlantic City boxing deals that has lasted for decades, through ups and downs. Even as the Tawana Brawley scandal unfolded and Sharpton faced a 67-count indictment involving how he used funding for his youth organization, Trump remained a prominent supporter of the agitator, numerous sources close to the two men tell National Review…… But last December, Trump appeared on Fox to discuss the murder of two New York City cops and whether mayor Bill de Blasio and Sharpton “have blood on their hands.” “

I know [Sharpton] very well, and I’ve always gotten along with him, to be honest with you,” Trump said at the time. “There are those who say [Sharpton] likes Trump a lot. . . . Al’s a con man. He knows it. I know it. Don King knows it, his friend, who I go to with fights with — with Al. And they all know it.”

While the odd couple may have a love for boxing, their public verbal brawls reveal to be experts in the field of pro-wrestling. Of course, Rev Sharpton, in hopes of keeping up his “fight the power” image, was “surprised” to receive a call from his one-time buddy after he achieved one of the greatest honors of his life, becoming a president. How dull.

Rev. Jesse Jackson and Donald Trump have a long history together. Trump even contributed to Jackson’s organization.


3- Trump has close ties to Black Lives Matter Organizer George Soros. According to the Black Lives Matters website, back in 2013, “as the story goes,” we are told that after George Zimmerman’s acquittal for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the movement began with the hashtag ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter. The movement was co-founded by three black community organizers: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi.

What’s so interesting about all of this is that all three founders of Black Lives Matters “coincidentally” come out of organizations that are funded by George Soros, friend and comrade of Donald Trump. In addition to Opal Tometi of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, the other two founders of BlackLivesMatters are Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza. Both come out of the Soros-funded stable of organizations. Garza, Cullors, and Tometi reportedly met while all three were working for BOLD (Black Organizing for Leadership & Dignity). Advisory Council chairwoman Alta Starr is a fund-manager for the Ford Foundation and the New World Foundation, and an advisor to Soros’ Open Society Foundation’s Southern Initiative. She is a board member of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, an organization headed by BlackLivesMatter founder Alicia Garza.

Not only do we find that the founders of the Black Lives Matters Movement come out of organizations that are part of the George Soros machine, but as the January 1st 2015 issue of the Washington Times reports, Soros has contributed millions of dollars to Black Lives Matters. While this may seem to be a strange stance for one of Donald Trump’s drinking buddies, it’s really describes the new wave of profit through non-profits that appear to be set up for the salvation of minorities. Do you realize how much money the 1% made off the 99% from the Occupy Wall Street Movement? Here’s the scheme.

The Millennials are tired of the mom and pop shops of political activism. No more Al Sharpton plum to prune diets. No more Jesse Jackson wearing a blood-stained t-shirt to a talk show on the day after Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, and bragging about “he was the last one with him” nonsense. No more “let’s have a Million Man march” and then collect $30 Million dollars at the march, with promises of opening a new Black bank, only to discover that the nation of Islam finds the building of a restaurant more appropriate in Chicago. No, the Millennials are much smarter than that, so we have to revert to another illusion.

Not only can we make profit from prison building, and the protestors, but we can make money from the protesters by getting never-heard-of-before activists a chance to express their dream. Create a slogan and just watch the donations pouring in.

Is Black Lives Matters one of the Four Horsemen in the Book of Revelation? Let’s look at the evidence. Despite the pro-wrestling tactics of Donald Trump in trying to distance himself from Soros, in May 2016 he hires an employee of George Soros, Steven Mnuchin, as national finance chairman for his fundraising operation during the 2016 campaign. What about George Soros? What about Black Lives Matters? Oh, it was just recently discovered that DeRay Mckesson of Black Lives Matters lives in a home owned by George Soros. And why not? Everybody is in bed with each other anyway.

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