Recently, I had the blessed experience of meeting Dr. Roopa Rao, the visionary and genius behind Anuhya Summer Camp. Known for its health regimen and educational courses for the world’s youth, Anuhya Sumer Camp is one of the most distinct of its kind in India. The encouraging aspects of this dialogue many inspire you and create awareness about some of the programs available for this generation.

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Warlock Asylum: I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions and sharing your perspective on education and life in general. This is truly a blessing. Can you please introduce yourself to our subscribers and readers and also explain your role in Anuhya summer camp?

Dr. Roopa Rao: Hi, thank you for giving me a platform to express my views. Well, I am Dr. Ruuparao. I studied IT but was more interested in psychology. I have been in the educational field for about 18 years. Anuhya Summer Camp is my brainchild. Usually, we conduct it in Bangalore in the months of April, May, and September. The camp emphasizes a  unique blend of life skills such as emotional balancing, leadership qualities, communication, confidence, managing fears, respecting parents and elders, understanding proper behaviors, and many more.

Along with study-related skills such as memory, study techniques, and etc., the environment is not in a closed four walls, but above and beyond walls. We don’t teach attendees of the camp in a formal way but use the experience as a tool. In one word, we give experiential training. but the camp is not just about these skills. We have various adventure activities such as trekking, rock climbing,  scientific experiments, star gazing, photography, dance, swimming, exercises, and also self-defense skills.  We also let them learn traditional values and cultural values.

Warlock Asylum: Congratulations to you and your faculty on the success of Anuhya Summer Camp for children and young people. Where did the idea for the summer camp come about?

Dr. Roopa Rao: It all started way back in 2010  when I was seeking a camp for my daughter. I knew the regular camps won’t help her as they concentrate on outside development but nothing for inner growth happens. As a professional in psychology, I had my own imagination of how summer should be spent but really felt sad when nothing could meet my expectations.

Afterward, I created a few activities for my daughter that aided her progress.  I started offering this course to other children and saw that it helped them too. Our first camp was officially established in 2014. Since this time, we have added various activities that are unique in nature. Anuhya means something which can’t be determined in Sanskrit. I kept the same name because every year our camp exceeds the expectations

Warlock Asylum: In what ways is Anuhya Summer Camp different from other camps?

Dr. Roopa Rao: I have seen camps offer adventures, music, dance, or things related to outer existence. We offer everything for outer development while subconsciously working towards inner growth. The children aren’t even aware that they are undergoing a positive change, which would help them perform better in their life. All our teammates are highly-trained. Personally, I am a child by heart and enjoy being with children.

Warlock Asylum: One of the biggest concerns for parents sending their children to any institution for learning is security. What measures of safety are in place for children and young people participating in an Anuhya Summer Camp program?

Dr. Roopa Rao: Yes, we understand parents reason for concern and at our summer camp safety comes first. Wherever we conduct the program we ask the accommodation partners to make safety a priority. The camp is completely under cc camera surveillance. It is a closed gate camp. No outsiders are allowed into the premises where the camp is being conducted.  Around 5 to 6 security guards are there to keep the place secure. Our staffs 2 males and one female staff have been allotted to take care of security personally.

Anuhya Summer Camp makes safety a priority.

Warlock Asylum: What is the age range of those attending the camp? Is it just for children or can adolescents and teenagers join?

Dr. Roopa Rao: Usually we take age groups between 8 to 12 and 12 to 16 and 16 to 18. During camp, we divide the group according to their age and conduct the workshop in accordance with their age. Certain camp activities are common and require that we combine the groups. We also follow a mentoring system. Each small kid is assigned with one or two mentors who are elder than them. We use this system so that children can understand the responsibility of taking care of someone.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the recreational activities that attendees of the Anuhya Summer Camp will enjoy?

Dr. Ruupa Rao: We usually cover swimming, games, pottery making, nature walks, rain dancing, magic show, and etc. We also conduct various gaming activities.

Warlock Asylum: One of the great things about this program is that it also has as its aims on the spiritual and physical development of those attending the camp. Can you expand on this attribute a bit further?

Dr. Roopa Rao: The basic concept of the camp is teaching life skills and helping the children to develop spiritually. When we say spirituality we don’t say it is religious. We train meditation yoga and the importance of being in life. We have a complete process where children get an insight into and about life.  They get to know the importance of their parents and other people that are close to them

Physical development is another important aspect we cover. We give attendees classes in Zumba dance classes, dance, swimming, kung fu, and other adventurous activities.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the life skills that will be learned by those attending Anuhya Summer Camp?

Dr. Roopa Rao: Life skills are fundamental skills that one has to have in his or her life. We consider life skills as the basis of Anuhya Summer Camp. We train those children in the areas of leadership qualities,  team playing, the importance of commitment, anger management,  gratitude, acceptance, stress management, understanding the difference between real and fake well-wishers. Escaping from dangers and meeting and bearing the challenges.

Warlock Asylum: Another thing that often comes up when the topic of summer camps are discussed is diets and meals. Is there a specific diet administered at mealtimes? Do you feel that one’s eating habits will affect their learning?

Dr. Roopa Rao: We provide a healthy menu for children, which is friendly and pure vegetarian food. No heavy or oily food is served. As you rightly said food may change their moods and they may lose their interest in learning.

Warlock Asylum:  What connection does Anuhya Summer Camp have with the Noble Institute of Education Society?

Dr. Roopa Rao: Anuhya Summer Camp is completely a non-profit program intended to spread developmental skills and awareness to children. It would not have the continuity it does if it weren’t backed by the Noble Institute of Education Society ( The motto of Noble Institute is taking education to each and every person.

Warlock Asylum: Where do you see Anuhya Summer Camp in the next five years?

Dr. Roopa Rao: I see Anuhya Summer Camp spreading life skills to the width and breadth of India and the world at large.

Warlock Asylum: What sort of feedback have you received from the families who sent their children to camp? Any final thoughts?

Dr. Roopa Rao: Initially, parents were very skeptical about our program and about children learning life skills. They weren’t interested in this. Most of the parents just wanted a place to keep their children busy. We are certainly happy that we changed that scenario with a suitable number of parents. We have received good reviews. My Final thoughts are that life skills are very important and should never be ignored. 

*On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, I would like to thank you once again for not only taking the time to share your vision with us but for your work with children and other attributes of humanitarianism. We wish you all the best in your spiritual and earthly endeavors. Readers can discover more about the Anuhya Summer Camp by clicking on the following link:

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