Xavier Toscano has been lighting up the world of pop music with his recent hit parade. You can only respect the multiple hit wonder for the hard work he has put forth thus far. Never Wanna Leave is one of Toscano’s recent releases. The song expresses his signature style with its dance-themed exotic sounds.

Never Wanna Leave is distinct and possibly one of Toscano’s brightest songs ever. While the track is radio friendly, Never Wanna Leave has definite underground appeal and ability to attract listeners from all walks of life. I wouldn’t be surprised if this pop tune was classified by some as world music.

Toscano puts a lot of energy into this song, which can easily be heard in the melody. What I like about Never Wanna Leave is that it is not overly produced, but has just the right amount of glamour for musical cat-callers to grab a hold of.  Never Wanna Leave is Xavier Toscano’s testimony that he’s not quiting anytime soon!

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