Back in June 2020, we got a chance to peer into the insatiable world of singer and songwriter Madeline Rosene during my review of her thought-provoking single Numb. Now the lovely diva and inventor of ‘Poindexter funk’ turns up the volume on the music world once again with a surreal offering titled  Talking To Myself from the album “Raised On Porn.”  Madeline Rosene started writing songs during her adolescent years and has developed a unique creative paradigm that makes freedom sound so cozy.

Talking To Myself doesn’t skip a beat as it captures the intellect that often comes with what many would term insanity. The track opens with a smooth bassline and strums of acoustic guitar with larger than life drums floating in the background. Madeline entrances the listener with Dear-Jane lyricism and some amazing vocals and backing harmonies. Talking To Myself has an amazing free-spirited structure that provides a natural setting of warm melody so essential to the stability of Talking To Myself, which is what we’ve been doing this whole time. Salute!


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