Identical Twins: Lucy Aylmer, with white skin and straight ginger hair, and Maria Aylmer, with her thick curly hair and darker skin, were both born in January 1997.

Identical Twins: Lucy Aylmer, with white skin and straight ginger hair, and Maria Aylmer, with her thick curly hair and darker skin, were both born in January 1997.

A great majority of Americans are related. Regardless of the mental illness of race that they are so insistent on categorizing themselves, many of this nation’s citizenry are kin. I came to realize this through my own genealogical research and discussions with others more advanced in this field than myself. For example, it is safe to say that ninety-percent of the descendants of the African Diaspora are related. African-Americans, whose ancestors have been in America for more than 150 years are related to 60% of the European-Americans whose ancestors have lived in America for over 200 years.

We get it! If you come from a country where the majority of the people living in the same nation are of the same ethnicity, race, or whatever animal stock you want to call it, then the statistics presented in the previous paragraph may seem staggering. However, if you come from a long line of ancestors that were reared in a multiethnic country, then “hello” you got more relatives who are next door neighbors than you think.

I teach and practice Mesopotamian and Ninzuwu mysticism. I’ve worked with many in the African-American community. One day, as an experiment of sorts, I decided to create ancestral trees for four of my students. Not only did I discover that all four African-American students and myself were related to each other, but the common ancestor was European.

Unfortunately, is not Facebook and on occasion, you’ll meet a cousin, a blood relative that will ignore you because you’re classified under different terms of race. A topic like this would make a great “how-to-cope” article in the post-Millennial era, but gleefully we won’t go there. However, what we will talk about is the stupidity of black and white Americans wanting to tuck one of their own kind away by hiding DNA results or simply ignoring kin.

Example #1: One day I got a message from an African-American woman, who I was delighted to hear from. She was one of my DNA matches on She imagined that we were related through some Nigerian family line, which is not a prominent part of my DNA but there is a percentage. Great news! Well, it turned out that about six months later I found our common ancestor, who happened to be a white American. When I checked back with the woman she had marked herself as a descendant of the same man.  I decided to write her a message, as I was excited that we found where we were connected. I explained this to the woman in an email.

Well, needless to say, that the woman removed the information from her tree, as her prejudice against white Americans was stronger than an honest DNA result and historical search. About a month later, I was contacted by some of my white relatives, who gave me a detailed history of this common ancestor. It turned out that he was George Washington’s nephew, which means that George Washington is my uncle. I thought that if it were not for this woman’s prejudice, she might have discovered some valuable insights into her own ancestry. Maybe, she might be more infuriated because George Washington owned slaves. Oh well, I guess one day she’ll fulfill her dreams of meeting her African ancestors who also owned slaves. Why take it out on me?

Example #2: I discovered another common link with one of my DNA matches on Fortunately, I found that he too was a descendant of this same common ancestor, in this case, the man was a white American. I was more than happy to contact the man but realized that this white man, like my African-American cousin, may not want to connect with others, who are related to a common ancestor of another race. Based on his reply, my assumption was right. But this guy took it another step further and called the authorities because my name is Middle Eastern.

Example #3: Immigrants are not Communists, but should learn a little American history before choosing sides. Jews, Irish, Italians, Japanese, and many other ethnicities were treated badly when coming to American during the early days of the last century. While this is noted in history, what is not often spoken about is how many African-Americans aided these newly oppressed immigrants to get through their ordeals. Some older Jews and Italians do, but this generation is dying out. The problem begins when new immigrants of the same ethnicity, not knowing this history, nor how Jews, Italians, and others, were not considered part of the white race until the 19th century, come to America and take sides without knowing all the facts. People can do what they want to do, but here’s something to think about. However, African-Americans were amalgamated with Europeans, a topic in an eternal debate, one thing is certain in that many were descendants of slave masters whose ancestors are among Europe’s nobility. So that black guy living next door to you may be a descendant of that Catholic saint in your living room long before the immigrant from the said saint’s native land. This is not an imaginary circumstance. All of the African-American students discussed earlier in this article that I did genealogical research for are descendants of the Merovingian line and of some famous Swedish kings based on this fact alone. When I conferred with a few professional genealogists on this matter, my findings were confirmed. I got the documents.

So where are we going with all of this? Rest assured I am no longer the five-year-old boy with his middle finger up in the family photo album. Today, I am aware of the only man-made machine that changes the weather, which is nothing other than people’s reaction to news media race-baiting. Get enough people in the room with the same angry collective consciousness and I guarantee you that you’ll find a dark cloud floating in the Caribbean. Yes, racism exists in America. However, in my humble opinion, racist viewpoints would be largely reduced if the race-baiting were to end.

In Ninzuwu shamanism, humanity must pass through four phases before reaching divinity. These are hunter-gatherer stage, civilization, global humanity, and celestialization. Shamans have been aware of this process for thousands of years. With the rise of global technology, civilization is coming to an end and the reality of a global human family is becoming a reality. Living side by side and denying your sexuality in the sincerity of starting a family is true slavery. Grow up and start getting to know your American family!

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  1. You touch on an interesting subject Brother. Existence on this plane is like attending university. Unfortunately the majority will fail their classes on racial issues.

  2. If I may be so bold, you definitely hit the nail on the head about the race-baiting. It isn’t an instinct- instinctually I feel love- but a dirty, taught and ingrained thing that needs to be removed. 🙁 Love, brothers.

  3. Wow!!! Very insightful article! I like how you remind of the four phases before reaching divinity. That’s very important to keep in mind.

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