Blessed with undeniable talent, Scott Kirby is one singer and songwriter that stands at the forefront of the world’s musical stage. Based out of northern Wisconsin, Kirby’s love affair with melody began as an adolescent. Since the time of his youth, the blues-rock singer has released nine albums, made numerous radio and television appearances, and performed at venues all across the country. Kirby’s rich organic sound is the reward of his musical sophistication as evidenced by his recent single Something To Move.

Something To Move is a brilliant track that gracefully courts the borders of traditional blues music and progressive rock sounds. Something To Move begins with an incredible acoustic guitar lead that sets the sonic podium for Kirby’s soulful vocals. As Something To Move proceeds forward we are captured by the song’s enchanting rhythms and modern folk ingenuity. Something To Move by Scott Kirby is everything we need music to be.

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