Will The Order of Necronomicon open its doors again?

Rumors have circulated about the Order of Necronomicon‘s reemergence. I know that some dialogue about reorganizing and opening the Order are indeed valid. I’ve spoken to a few members. While today’s generation of gate-walkers may not be familiar with this secret society or its name, members of the group were quite effective in getting the word out about the legacy of the Necronomicon Tradition. The Order of Necronomicon is where I received my training.

Will The Order of Necronomicon open its doors again?

Ashnook is a well-known founding member and many people found his online lessons useful. Of course, Smasher666, the warrior-shaman, and founding principal member taught us all and to time to work with us each individually. Satori was solidified the groups presence in a brotherly way. I would say that it would probably be his call. During the early days of the Order, we all had personas and sometimes egos, but there comes a time when everybody just grows up and you appreciate the people in your life experience for making life what it is today. We’ll see. Perhaps some members may have moved on to other things. Others may interpret the spirituality of ancient Chaldea as something far beyond Simon’s tome. Personally, I think this call should respectfully rely upon the judgment and discretion of the founding members. Hopefully, we’ll have something to report soon.

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  1. Is There A composite post that has all the gate walking rituals? Bro WA also how can these be incoperates into Enochian work? How far in the primal current does this take you?
    Bro T

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