As one of the founding members of the Order of Necronomicon, spiritualist Ashnook (Justin Jacob Brown) took the lead in spearheading what would later become known as the Necronomicon Tradition. In my beginnings along this very same path, it was Ashnook who assisted my mentor in helping me come to an accurate knowledge along with many others. Ashnook would go on to record videos and publish his essays on the Simon Necronomicon freely.

Back in 2011, I had the opportunity to interview this pioneer of Cutha, in which he shared some amazing experiences in how he came across this knowledge. Amazingly, Ashnook was always respected for his loving persona and heart of gold. He was an individual, who not only made history in this tradition but was often revered for his compassion and unselfish attitude. He was always a source of encouragement for anyone who sought the way. Although I hadn’t spoken to Ashnook in recent years, my memories of him and those whom we shared good times together still remains. You will always be a hallmark of all who learn about this path and its sacred ways. We love you and the piece of life you have shared with all of us. We will always remember you Justin Jacob Brown aka Ashnook. Our deepest condolences to your family and all who share memories of our beloved brother. Salute!


Ashnook Interview Part 1

Ashnook Interview Part 2

Ashnook Lessons on the Simon Necronomicon

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    RIP to Ashnook….I was shocked to hear of this..

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