Meant To Be by Richard Lee is an anthem for success.

Meant To Be by Richard Lee is an anthem for success.

Russell Lee is gaining a reputation as one of country rock music’s leading acts. The Canadian singer and songwriter has worked hard on his craft in recent years. Lee received six nominations at the Manitoba Country Music Awards, including both Male Artist Of The Year and Song Of The Year. Lee is showing no signs of slowing down, neither is the growth of his fan base. The lead single, Picture, off his latest album, What Do I Do, received over 500,000 views over a short period of time.

Lee’s claim to fame comes in the form of fabulous live performances and songwriting that reaches the heart of the listener. One great thing about Russell Lee’s music is that it closes the generation gap with themes relevant for today’s millennials while paying respect to the country westerners of yesteryear.

Russell Lee-Guitar, Vocals
Tom Koroluk-Keyboards, Back up Vocals
Curtis Chrusch-Bass, Back up Vocals
Owen Price-Lead Guitarist
Vito Destafano-Lead Guitar
Brett Koroluk-drummer

Over the past year, Lee spent quite a bit of time promoting the What Do I Do album. In hopes of releasing another tremendous work, however, Lee has worked on new material. The first single off his new project is entitled, Meant To Be and it stands as one Lee’s best compositions to date.

Meant To Be is a song about the benefits of working through the hardships and challenges that come with a relationship. It’s a hazy track filled with emotional resolve.  The song’s guitar-steady groove is reminiscent of the genius found in some of Johnny Cash’s music. Meant To Be is definitely a sound that country music purists will appreciate. I am deeply impressed with how the track hugs Russell Lee’s vocals and his musical dialogue between background vocalists, Curtis Chrusch (bass) and Tom Koroluk (keyboards). The whole band does a fabulous job in transporting the listener to a place where love and laughter are jewels of life while maintaining a steady beat.

Russell Lee’s well-deserved reputation as a storyteller remains true in Meant To Be. The lyrics offer a colorful, yet charming tale of a man catching up with himself and realizing how he can improve his relationship with the love of his life. “Aren’t these the moments we live for,” Lee sings with the passion of his life’s love seated in front of him. Overall, Mean To Be deserves our highest rating of five out of five stars and a finger on the rewind button. It’s Meant To Be one of country music’s finest moments!

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