Sack of Lions is an innovative country music band with a heartfelt organic sound that is both creative and compelling. Comprised of band members Dan Olsen, Dylan Wade, David Collins, and Phil Reno, Sack of Lions has built a strong following from the building blocks of raw talent and a relentless work ethic as evidenced from their recent single Callin’ For Rain.

Callin’ For Rain is the first single from Sack of Lions’ upcoming album White Lightning. Callin’ For Rain is an awesome tune centered around the theme of a troubled romance. If this is a taste of what we can expect to hear from Sack of Lions’ sophomore album, then there is definitely a need to celebrate.

Breaking someone’s “heart a thousand times” is not an easy bullet to swallow, as clearly stated in the track’s lyrics. This blunt reality finds a melodious home that is gracefully sung with a charming musical landscape of acoustic and electric guitars, a thriving bassline, drums, and an exotic taste of stringed instrumentation. In the end, we are assured that everything will be okay. Perhaps the song’s concept has much to do with saying a pray for human errs to be washed away. Thankfully, Callin’ For Rain is an experience that we can all listen to and walk away as believers in the sonic craftsmanship that Sack of Lions has to offer.

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