Soul Crimes is the newest single off of Slow Burning Car's Defection Album.

Soul Crimes is the newest single off of Slow Burning Car’s Defection Album.

Slow Burning Car is a hard-edged rock band from Los Angeles. The group has a fabulous sound, unique to its own brand. The band consists of Troy Spiropoulos (Lead Vocals/Bass), Adam Idell (Drums/Backing Vocals), and Tommy Marcel (guitar/backing vocals). Together they have released four albums, Blowback (2007), Vol. 2-The Scattering (2009), Assumption (2013), and Defection (2017).  Often described as eclectic. I find the group’s sound to be more of a cross between punk rock and modern psychedelic. Soul Crimes, their latest single off the Defection album, best captures this observation.

Soul Crimes slams delightfully along the edges of hardcore rock and promotes the band’s raw edge. Slow Burning Car’s rebellious grooves are well-calculated within passionate guitar riffs and leads, backed by some real fiery percussion. Troy Spiropoulos’ vocals add a fitting touch to this rebellious track. Lyrically speaking, Soul Crimes is about the struggles we face day-to-day being who we are in the wake of hypocrisy from family and friends. Yet, observation of this psychological crime is “still not going to change our point of view.” Soul Crimes is an easy winner musically, but a perfect commentary socially.

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