The gifted singer and songwriter Sarah Morris is making quite a name for herself in the world of country music. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the organic diva of country soul has a knack for immersing herself into everything she records. Her new single Falling Over from the album Hearts in Need of Repair demonstrates Morris’ colorful approach to her craft along with its vivid instrumentation.

The organic diva of sound comes with a news single, Falling Over.

Falling Over is a very bright tune that makes the “I will survive” womanhood poster come to life. Morris brings us into a touching scenario about the wisdom gained from a broken heart. The music is beautiful with a distinct drumming pattern that is not often seen in the country pop genre.

Of course, the icing on the cake is the voice of Sarah Morris. Her vocal texture leaves listeners with raised hairs on the back of their minds. Yet, she is able to send powerful messages to her audience without sounding redundant of preachy. Falling Over is a brilliant track in its structure and lyrics. I am sure that it will serve as a catalyst for Sarah Morris’ career.




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