Bill Cosby: The assassination of another public figure.
Bill Cosby: The assassination of another public figure.

So let me get this straight. You want to take the Cosby Show off the air due to sexual charges raised up on Bill Cosby decades after the alleged crimes took place?!!!!! Meanwhile, director Roman Polanski, who was found having sex with a 13 year-old girl and fled the country to escape imprisonment, can release a film every two years that is shown in movie theatres that are in every major city across the country! Good job America once again!

The assassination of Bill Cosby only reveals America’s double standards and the ignorance of the population itself. When the media says get angry, we get angry. When the media says jump, we jump. Could it be that Bill Cosby is in league with the Devil? Perhaps there exists a class of people who were doing the same thing Bill was doing for years. The only difference is that Bill Cosby pissed somebody off and the same buddies who were engaged in the same crimes have now decided to blow the whistle!

It’s a setup! And you can tell it’s a setup because the honesty of the case has been fabricated by the media. Why do we say such? Why are all the news stations comparing Bill Cosby to Woody Allen? It’s like they took one line from the same script, coupled with their own unique phrase of words, but they are all saying the same thing! You’re guilty Bill Cosby! You’re guilty Bill Cosby!

Where the fuck is Sidney Poitier in all of this?!!! Remember the movies they made together? Cosby needs you Sidney! Poitier may not want to get involved in this! The secret could get out that the movies that Poitier and Cosby made together had hidden sexual themes revealed in their titles; A Piece of the Action! Uptown Saturday Night! Let’s Do It Again!

Everybody has something to talk about! No more Fat Albert and the Cosby kids! No More Jello-pudding commercials! No more seeing a Black American male on television who can convince audiences that Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood actually existed in the hood! Nah! Nah! Nah! Going to have a good time!

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