With a signature style of hip-hop soul, Swiftgold has put together some blazing tracks and gaining a reputation as an irrefutable talent. This is one artist whose sincerity can be felt in every song he’s published. Third – Old Flame, Swiftgold latest single, is a perfect example of this.

Third – Old Flame is a charming track that makes a good use of free space acoustics, an awesome piano riff, and banging drums. Swiftgold hugs the track with a singer-rap swing of wordplay that is witty and intelligible. The song’s theme is about the chemistry held between two former lovers still at odds with each other. It’s quite an impressive production, where you feel like you’re right there in the studio with Swiftgold after listening to the track. Overall, Swiftgold’s Third – Old Flame brings a new sound to the culture of hip-hop that leaves an audience craving for more.


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