College professor and rap artist Chad Rico continue his epic 12 Weeks of Summer run with the next four singles “Still Wit It,” August 9; “Success with the Shade” August 17; “Wonder,” August 23, and”Sleep in the Phantom” on August 30th, 2019. For those unfamiliar with Chad Rico’s work, 12 Weeks of Summer is an album where the marketing plan calls for releasing a new single each week.

After a successful string of releases in June and July, Chad Rico is ready to let his evolving genius run loose, as his latest singles attest to the producer and rapper’s growth. The next four tracks have a crisp and organic vibe. Still Wit It features a wonderful acoustic guitar strum alongside a lavish beat. Chad Rico’s inventive flow shines on Sleep in the Phantom and Wonder. Overall, Chad Rico’s current segment unveils his growth as an artist and continuity to create something great!


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