Based in Philadelphia, the multi-talented guitarist and beautiful songstress Shayla Merlot is gaining recognition for her work as a composer and singer. Merlot comes with an original style and attitude not seen since the likes of Nina Simone. Her new single Loving is set to create some gains in the music world.

Beautiful songstress Shayla Merlot reaches new heights with the single, Loving

Loving is a song that draws from Merlot’s unique, but soulful style. The music is draped in a very attractive groove that begins with a raw drum sequence and a cool keyboard lead, which sets the tone for Merlot to enter the stage when the snare drops. Merlot makes use of an intelligible, but faint vocal that brings her listeners in the room with her.

The track’s theme is about the natural passion between two lovers. However, in this case, it is the woman who takes the lead through the art of seduction. Loving is a great way to say that Shayla Merlot is going places.


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