Tennin's new single "Run" sets the bar for a musical revolution.

Tennin is a lovely singer and musician from France. She comes with a brand of charisma and originality that is sure to make her first impression a lasting one indeed. At the tender age of 12, Tennin began a study of the violin and pursuit of a career in music. Her dreams are rapidly turning into a reality. The abstract diva has performed at many venues throughout the UK, including several Villa Schweppes events (BPM 2016 at the 1988 Club in Rennes as an opening act for Ben Clock, Sofitel Marseille Spring 2017).

Tennin’s new single “Run” sets the bar for a musical revolution.

Recently, the mysterious songstress has released the debut single Run, which proves to be an intense, yet worthy offering from her forthcoming EP.  Run is filled with healthy portions of electro-soul behind an experimental backdrop. Tennin’s vocals and attitude of intellectual swag are endearing to the track’s theme of an obsessive love affair. It’s either love her or Run. In Tennin’s case, traffic is sure to come her way as she prepares for a lap around her own success.

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