Miranda Writes, the First Lady of Hip-Hop, is certainly a diva when it comes to raw talent and a good work ethic. I had the honor of interviewing the wordsmith in May 2017 (Miranda Writes Interview). Not only are Miranda’s skills as a rap artist impressive, her wisdom and true love for the craft has inspired thousands of people. Miranda’s new album, Know Your Worth, is more than worth the listen, it has etched out a place for the lyrical seductress in rap music history that cannot be ignored.

It is with great honor that I am happy to announce Know Your Worth by Miranda Writes as The Warlock Asylum International News 2018 Rap Album of the Year. Miranda has paid her fair share of dues in getting her brand to work. It’s not easy for female rappers in a male-dominated industry. Miranda’s music comes with a message and Know Your Worth is a perfect expression of her genius.

Released in November 2017, Know Your Worth speaks volumes as its theme covers the challenges that a conscious woman has to encounter in today’s society, a concept not seen since Queen Latifah’s Black Reign. Know Your Worth takes a bold, but practical approach and charmingly is able to present some exceptional material for men and women on an international scale.

Warlock Asylum International News 2018 Rap Album of the Year: Know Your Worth by Miranda Writes

The album opens with the head-bobbing track Ask Em’. Miranda is able to mark her territory on flow alone. The street-edged beat compliments the first lady’s lyrics perfectly. Heard About Me follows next. It is a strong rap song and is one demonstration that Miranda is an MC for real. Heard About Me is that pure rap braggadocios at its finest.

The Money is one of my favorite tracks on the album. Miranda comes as real as real is practical can get. Listeners will find The Money worth its weight in gold. Great hook and the music is in proportion with the shape and scope of Miranda’s lyrics. Out My Way is another Know Your Worth gem. It’s easy to see at this point in the album that every track is hot.

Fake Friends is a rap song that everyone can understand. Miranda’s flow is fierce and flawless. The track is somewhat transcendental in a rap music way, but exceptionally memorable. Dubby of Team Loko adds some tasteful spice to Know Your Worth with guest vocals on tracks How You Gon Lie and Coffee Mug.

Change My Mind is another album favorite. The beat is tremendous, something that listeners will easily fall in love with. Miranda does a good job in summing up such a masterful work with the final track, Know Your Worth. Possibly a signature piece for the lovely queen, Know Your Worth proves that Miranda Writes still reigns supreme.

It has been a tremendous year in music and Know Your Worth by Miranda Writes stands with the best of them. Her youthful charm and artistic expression represents a generation that is often put to the side for not knowing how to make good rap music and this is why Know Your Worth serves as that much needed bridge of value. Congratulations!

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  1. Illkidcatel says:

    I think she is so full of talent creativity and determination with a strong vision for making powerful statements and thought provoking lyrics that bang like hammers to nails. She is definitely repping that True hip hop to the fullest. Respect due. – illkidcatel –

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