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A.M.I.G.A Scores Big With Their Debut Album – A.M.I.G.A.Uy

Originally from Uruguay, the group A.M.I.G.A enters the musical cosmos with their own flavor of Synth pop that is creating a thriving fan base made of euphonious devotees. Consisting of members Hiela Pierrez and Lila Tirando a Violeta, A.M.I.G.A is a female powerhouse of electro-funk and music electronica. Hiela Pierrez is a popular South American musician and has acted in a few movies and plays. Lila Tirando a Violeta is an experimental artist that spent a considerable amount of time cultivating ambient sound. A.M.I.G.A’s musical professionalism and talent are exemplified in their debut album/EP titled

Produced by Eros White, consists of five delicious tracks that warm the party and the soul. Embracing the Uruguay experience is made possible with as A.M.I.G.A sings in English, Portuguese, and Spanish on various tracks. The album opens with Verano 2020, a brilliant dance track that’s perfect for summer outings. Follow Me is an enchanting composition in its approach. Listeners will find the group’s genius in every track. Traicion Online is another electro jewel that admirers are sure to find of interest.’s inventiveness culminates in the final track titled Cybercafe, a marvelous piece that is both inspiring and gratifying. A.M.I.G.A’s debut album is a masterpiece and has the potential of expanding the group’s popularity and the threshold of world stardom. Está riquísima!