Interest In Warlock Asylum's new book has attracted the attention of a few governmental agencies.

The Atlantean Necronomicon Part II is a working title. While I do consider it a sequel to the Atlantean Necronomicon, the new text can stand on its own merit and will be two books in one, sort of like an alchemical “White Album”. The books contents will include never before released information about the Simon Necronomicon, its unknown historical origins, hidden initiatory rites, and some of its rituals that are not publicly known. For example, most Simon Necronomicon practitioners are unaware that the grimoire actually includes a greater initiatory rite for the 50 Names of Marduk and quite a few more “clarifications” and surprises are in store. The title of the book will be announced in shortly.

Interest In Warlock Asylum’s new book has attracted the attention of a few governmental agencies.

The book will also talk about the Art of Ninzuwu and how it emerged from Simon Necronomicon practice, differences between the Art of Ninzuwu and the Necronomicon Tradition, and a practical guide to its initiatory rites and validity in comparison to traditional spiritual systems and alchemy. The second part of the book, or should I say second book, will remain secret upon publication. What I will say is that its contents will forever change modern magical, religious, and spiritual practices.

In regards to rumors about officials from the U. S. Government inquiring about the contents of the book before it is published, I can only say that I have met members of certain government agencies who are ‘passively interested’ in some of the information that will be included in the text for reasons that I cannot determine at this time. Surely, you can read between the lines. However, what I can say is that the book will remain whole. There will be no “missing chapters”.

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