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The Ghost Years by Mutch Katsonga: A Literary Masterpiece

Recently, I had the honor of reviewing The Alive EP by Indie Soull a.k.a. Mutch Katsonga. Not only is this gifted singer and songwriter a musical genius, but an author as well. Based on his work thus far, it is evident that Katsonga puts his heart and soul into everything he does. His new book titled The Ghost Years is a chilling, but surreal tale that has a little something for everyone.

The Ghost Years is a clever story about a young man and the obstacles of depression, drug addiction, and trials of homelessness that he must endure before self-discovery. The book is an easy to follow read and will constantly have you on the edge of your seat anticipating what is going to come next. One thing that immediately impressed me about The Ghost Years was the author’s style of writing. Katsonga’s wordplay is like a visual paintbrush. The reader can readily draw a picture in his mind from reading the book that is never forced.

While the book does have quite a few dark moments, I find these to be consistent with its theme and very realistic portrayal of what some people have to do to become something greater than themselves in a simple way. A lot of the main character’s trouble and despair stems from absorbing the negativity that people around him possessed and their outlook on life.

Mutch Katsonga author of the literary masterpiece The Ghost Years

Another gem that I found in reading The Ghost Years was watching Katsonga develop his own writing style. He is brave enough to perfect his own literary rules, most of which doesn’t conflict with mainstream’s religion of grammar. The Ghost Years is the best novel I’ve read this year!