Rob Larkin and The Wayward Ones brings a delightful organic sound to the genres of blues, folk, and rock music that is sure to spark enthusiasm in the hearts of music lovers. Founded by award-winning songwriter, singer, and guitarist Rob Larkin, this is one band that really takes a sincere interest in giving their audience a priceless experience through song. The Wayward Ones’ new single She Can Flow from the upcoming album Lights Are Burning is a testimony of the group’s ambition and hard work ethic.

She Can Flow was written by Rob Larkin and Emily Smith, and features an enchanting vocal performance by Emily Smith. She Can Flow is an upbeat song about a couple that sees its worth in each other. Musically, She Can Flow flirts with the genres of blues-rock and soul. This tune is reminiscent of early-70’s rock sound with nostalgic flares existing in the song’s structure. She Can Flow by Rob Larkin and The Wayward Ones will capture you heart in the first listen.

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