The New Queen of Pop - Phoenix O'Neill

Originally from Watford, North London, singer and songwriter Phoenix O’Neill is illuminating the music world with her impeccable voice and ravishing sense of professionalism. Phoenix was blessed to grow up in a household that recognized the value of artistic expression. Her mother sang and played guitar. Phoenix’s dad played drums and her stepfather was also a singer and guitarist. Coupled with a love for poetry, storytelling, and writing, Phoenix began crafting witty lyrics and other skills essential for a songwriter to possess.

The New Queen of Pop – Phoenix O’Neill

Phoenix’s musical career began to take flight after gaining a favorable reputation from her live performance that put listeners in an emotional frenzy. Her work on stage caught the attention of world-famous producer James Sanger, best known for his work with Dido, Keane, Siobhan Donaghy, and Brian Eno. James immediately paired up with Paul Inder-Kilmister (Lemmy from Motorhead’s son) to create “Sangmister Music,” where Phoenix worked with both luminaries on her debut EP in Joshua Tree, California. Out of the Ashes is an exceptional offering that reveals Phoenix’s ingenuity as a singer and songwriter.

Out of the Ashes consists of four incredibly produced tracks. Phoenix’s voice immediately weaves a web of enchantment from the EP’s very first song, I Need You. This is a moving upbeat tune. Musically, the track has a lot of depth and features an incredible drum pattern. I Need You is about passion and this theme is clearly expressed in Phoenix’s performance which leaves listeners in anticipation for what is about to come next.

Cruel World carries the dark theme of heartbreak, but provides Phoenix with the freedom to express her vocal range. Phoenix really shines above any expectations that one could ever imagine. The sincerity in her vocal delivery is like a rite of passage leading to success. Alien is one of my favorite tracks on the EP. A clever title for a love song that brandishes some extremely soulful vocals by Phoenix, Alien is well-produced track. I Feel It is a captivating song that concludes an incredible EP that is sure to put the name Phoenix O’Neill in the minds of millions. Once again, the musical production behind this EP is deserving of every accolade received.

Out of the Ashes is not only entertaining, but a work of art that demands a standing ovations from fans and musicians alike. Phoenix O’Neill has a voice that is fit for a legend. Although I reminded of such greats as Amy Winehouse, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and many others, it does not escape my notice that it is Phoenix’s originality that stands out the most. Out of the Ashes is a masterpiece heralding Phoenix’s flawless reign in song. Out of the Ashes will be released on April 30th, 2018.

Phoenix O’Neill


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