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Bring Me Home by Maini Sorri

Swedish-Finnish singer and songwriter Maini Sorri is one of the few music veterans that has been blessed with a fountain of youthful continuity. Sorri’s lifelong love affair with music began at the early age of eight years when she wrote her first melodies. Since that time her career has blossomed tremendously. Sorri holds a Bachelor of Arts and her discography contains 5 albums, 3 extended plays and 19 singles. Sorri has performed at numerous venues and her music has been featured on Swedish radio and television.

Sorri’s musical expertise stretches beyond the limits of the genre. The depth of Sorri’s genius is revealed in her new album titled Bring Me Home. The backstory behind the album’s origins is truly remarkable. In 2015, Sorri received an email from Brian Lanese, a three-time Emmy Award winner and lead singer in the multiple Grammy-nominated LA band Permanent Ability. Lanese offered to produce Sorri’s next record, which resulted in the new album.

All songs on the album, except the title track Bring Me Home, were previously been released as singles. Bring Me Home is a strong electro-dance track filled with multiple out-on-the-town rhythms that paint a colorful good time in the minds of its listeners.

The Bring Me Home album brings together a smorgasbord of mood-altering songs that leaves us in Maini Sorri’s dimension. Lost Love is another tune out of the album’s treasure chest that crosses the borders of progressive and psychedelic rock music. Lost Love also has a nice dance mix that appears as the concluding track of the album. Never Said Goodbye is another hard rock song that melts with the world of pop music appeal.

Bring Me Home by Maini Sorri is a tasty offering from the songwriter that comes replete with an organic landscape that is both intelligible and moving. Contributions by Gary Cornman (lyrics) and Orlando Mestre (instrumentation) make this meeting of legends a timeless classic for the ages.