The Door by Trae Morris: A Gift From R&B’s New Don

Trae Morris is R&B’s new Renaissance man. The singer and songwriter from Fayetteville, North Carolina is really starting to gain opportunities from the hard work he has put into developing himself as an artist. Morris’ musical career has blossomed tremendously since aligning with vHIZions Management and the JP Agency, of which the latter eventually connected Morris with the trio known as Those Guys Music, consisted of singer/songwriters Amore Jones, Steven Ashley, and Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer Jeremiah Adkins. Morris’ relationship has proven to be a prosperous venture. His recent single The Door is an excellent example of his musical ability and genius.

Trae Morris is R&B’s, new Renaissance man.

The Door by Trae Morris possesses a rich organic landscape. This soulful tune is the first single from his debut EP Subconscious, which is set for release in the summer of 2018. The Door has a nice measure of free space that provides a spotlight on Morris’ vocals. This brand of acoustic funk is accentuated by the practical theme of the pain we face when walking away from a relationship, The Door. The song’s structure and instrumentation are reminiscent of R&B legends like John Legend, Raphael Saadiq, and many more. The Door is Trae Morris giving us his all in everything that he does, which turns this song into an enchanting experience.

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