Led by composer and vocalist Natalia Krause, This Lunar Mansion is a dream come true for both the artist and music lovers. This Lunar Mansion came to life through Krause’s life-changing decision and determination to fulfill her life’s purpose. In so doing, the universe opened its gates to the path of becoming a household name, blessing her efforts with the companionship of some brilliant minds, namely Miyuki Katsu- Maloney (piano), Tony Mlecka (guitar), Barry Duffy (drums), and Terry Merick (synthesizers, production). This Lunar Mansion’s debut single Aeolian is a delightful work that reveals the musical genius of the artist.

Natalia Krause has an amazing voice that draws the spotlight to itself simply by being. This Lunar Mansion’s debut single Aeolian is a witness to the captivating talent of the Galway artist. Aeolian is an inspiring song and the encouragement needed when one seeks to overcome the pain of heartbreak. Musically, the track brandishes a beautifully composed piano lead with accompanying drums and guitar. Aeolian not provides the perfect platform for listeners to grasp the beauty of Karuase’s voice and a great musical composition, but also the reality of how dreams come to life, leaving what is not useful for something that works. Instantly charming, Aeolian is a masterpiece with all the right ingredients to keep our minds in the dimension that This Lunar Mansion has captured.

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