Singer and songwriter Rachel Troublefield has a memorable voice and charming persona. Not only is Troublefield an entertaining musician, but seeks to reach the heart and souls of her audience. A native of Greenville, South Carolina and currently based in Nashville, Troublefield has performed at numerous venues in and around the city.. She has written original music for short films and has been a semi-finalist in many songwriting competitions including the International Songwriting Competition. Her new single Put Me In is an invigorating song that is sure to inspire music lovers across the globe.

Put Me In is a highly-energetic pop tune off the album Come Closer. The structure of the track possesses a clever, yet organic simplicity. Put Me In’s instrumentation is a delightful recipe of Americana, country, and popular music genres with a flare of progressive rock. Troublefield’s vocal performance is a match made in music marrying melody. Put Me In’s theme embodies the law of attraction and the poetic flirtations of new love. Put Me In is Rachel Troublefield’s calling card to a road that the successful walk upon. Hugs and kisses from your future fans, thank you!

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