Based out of St. Louis, Missouri, alternative rock duo Turbo Widget have an innovative sound that is both inventive and compassionate. Comprised of group members Ben and Kimberly Hanvy, Turbo Widget is able to incorporate elements of various musical genres into a sonic landscape that rises high above definition, while remaining timeless in essence.  Turbo Widget will be releasing their new single Maria on January 18th 2019, an offering that will surely raise more than a few eyebrows of enchantment.

Maria is a romantic-themed ballad with exquisite overtones of Latin chorale. Turbo Widget is able to paint a colorful scene with an illustrator’s brush consisting of an acoustic guitar with other operatic movements that fill the atmosphere with visuals of a nostalgic love affair.  Maria is an intoxicating tune that gives Turbo Widget the keys of favoritism to the hearts of their audience. For more info, please visit Turbo Widget’s website.


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