Multi-talented lyricist Ben Green scores bit with the debut single Change Up

Multi-talented lyricist Ben Green scores big with the debut single Change Up

Based out of Venice, California, the multi-talented Ben Green steps to the foreground of urban music with a style that is sure to grab the ears of music lovers across the globe. Green has written songs since he was fourteen and freestyling from the age of 12 years. While presently attending college, Green continues to pursue lyrical craft from a much more mature approach. The upcoming release of his debut single Change Up is a testimony of Green’s ingenuity and vocals skills.

Change Up is the rap world’s reality check. Green delivers one of the best flows of the century. Green’s content is above par as his sing flow on the hook “don’t go dumb while the world goes stupid” is tantalizing. Musically, Change Up offers a funky groove with original taste and electronic instrumentation that transports listeners into the mind of Ben Green. Change Up is just what the music industry needs. Ben Green is en route to becoming a household name. Upon listening to Change Up for the first time, I see a potential in Ben Green that will enable him to reach the top of the rap world’s ladder. Change Up is not only a great rap song, but marks the beginning of a movement!

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