Alternative rock band known as The Pink Dust is set to release their new album their new album Dark Seas on April 30th, 2021. Created by Cliff Littlefield and Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas, The Pink Dust possesses a sophisticated sound that pushes the borders of electro-pop and progressive rock.

Dark Seas is a full album of ten tracks. The group’s approach to recording is refreshing and free-spirited but starts from a wholesome vibe. Many of the tracks on the album have an experimental edge, which begins with the opener “What’s This Love”. Dark Seas has a hazy overtone that adds much to the project’s intensity. The Pink Dust are successful in their use of unorthodox musical arrangements that are bound to keep the listener intrigued, Every track on the album is a journey into an inner place within pour psychology, sometimes dark and at other times sentimental. There is much to be gleaned from Dark Seas, even in terms of musical theory and for that, we must endear The Pink Dust by saying thank you!

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