Singer and songwriter Djo Life is the mastermind behind a legacy of beautiful songs.

Originally from New York City and presently based out of Tuscan, Arizona, singer and songwriter Djo Life is a one-man band of musical expertise. Djo Life has played in various bands and traveled to multiple cities in refinement of his musical dream. After attending graduate school, Djo Life began to take faith in charting his course as a solo artist. Passionate about his craft, Djo Life takes pride in the development of each song like a watchmaker weaving his masterpiece. Djo Life’s music is accessible on most internet sites that sell independent music and in some well-crafted lyric videos appearing on YouTube. The following is a review of eight of Djo Life’s songs that reveal his brilliance.

Machine is a high-energy track with a progressive sonic landscape. Djo Life is effective in his mission of transporting listeners to other worlds by music alone. His vocals in song blend with the backing track like a classic rock meditation course. This heavenly sound is filled with intrigue that is fueled by strong percussion and charming keyboard riffs. Machine is a Djo Life masterpiece.

Because She’s Sleeping is a fun tune that cat lovers and rock purists will find charming, as Djo Life’s love for his cat is the song’s theme Because She’s Sleeping is built around the organic harmonies of acoustic guitar, some clever drum programming, and keyboards. Djo Life is able to stir all of these musical elements into something that is organic in a folk rock music style that is truly memorable.

One thing that is impressive about Djo Life’s work as an artist is his originality and the soulful presentation of his music. Like Clockwork is a perfect example of this. Like Clockwork is a brilliant piece that Djo Life created in dedication to his parents. The song’s neighborly lyrics and clean progressive rock style easily makes Like Clockwork right on time.

Djo Life celebrates the joys of falling in love with the song Anytime, Every Time. This deliciously captivating tune is made invigorating through a bright symphonic backdrop that is able to maintain its pop music demeanor. Anytime, Every Time possesses an innocence that is truly heartwarming. While the song’s structure is fairly simple, Djo Life is able enrich this melody’s appearance with melodic prose.

French Cigarettes is another gem from Djo Life’s treasure chest of tunes. Similar to Anytime, Every Time, French Cigarettes takes a light-hearted and bright avenue towards the topic of love. Djo Life sings pure poetry that speaks to the listener’s heart. We feel Djo Life’s affection for his love.

Djo Life’s love parade continues with A Little Love. This funk psychedelic sparkler will surely grab your attention. One of my favorites tunes from Djo Lie’s catalogue thus far. A Little Love has all the elements of classic rock crafted with the right amount of ingenuity for today’s time and generation. The song has a nostalgic flavor and is reminiscent of early-70’s rock n’ roll fun.

Lucky Star is an amazing song that captures the heartbreak and downsides of losing love. Led by a clever bassline and a uniquely crafted lead guitar, Luck Star really brandishes Djo Life’s talent as a musician, singer, and songwriter. This is one song that will fill the checklist of must-haves.

Written in dedication to his cactus, Djo Life’s The Cactus Song is warm and inviting. Djo Life is able to express a genuine talent by taking the simplest subjects and giving them depth through song. The Cactus Song has a cerebral landscape and is somewhat trippy with its mesh of sound effects coating the track. Djo Life is able to make us think about life and the little things that live with us like plants. If you’re a fan of books like The Secret Life of Plants add an extra star to this song’s rating.

Overall, Djo Life has created a signature vein of progressive hymn that is both ingenious and transcendental. The craftsmanship of Djo Life’s collection of melodies are entertaining and valuable to those involved in musical education for the value of the precedent that it sets. Djo Life has all the ingredients to achieve household name fame with a musical fortress that is above the clouds.

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