Heralded as the Donald Trump of the Hip Hip music industry, JackG the world’s most beloved and hated capitalist rapper returns with a brand of melodious intoxicants for his devotees and haters alike. As CEO, founder, and hip-hop deviant of TRU Music, JackG just released his first dramatized music video for the rap song Money N Narcs. I actually had the honor of reviewing the music for this track earlier in the year and found it to be one of his best offerings.


JackG has a unique rap style that is often misunderstood. A lot of people may not get the method of his conceitedness. JackG’s exaggerated pride is in league with his style and critical social commentary. There is not one moment when JackG doesn’t have his middle finger up because of the hypocrisy in today’s music industry and what better way to make this message clear than sarcastically mimic its criminal side.

Amazingly, the Money N Narcs music video successfully captures the state of mind that one has when they are high on drugs, or high on drugs watching a music video. The video is a collage of scenes portraying real life actors in suggestive drug use skits. Most of JackG’s music up until this point was captured in lyric music videos. Money N Narcs cinematography is transcendental and effective in tis execution. Girls seen smoking in the shower definitely translates to much of what JackG is expounding upon lyrically. Or course, the video ends in JackG’s signature style with an attractive woman burning money. He’s filthy rich, take it or leave it! Money N Narcs music video is probably one of JackG’s best business moves to date. It’s all about the money for JackG and his devotees of capitalistic entertainment.

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