UK rap legend JackG turns the heat up on the music industry with the release of his new track Money N Narcs. I have to admit that this is one of JackG’s best offerings to date and the music video for the song is just as intense as the track itself.

Money N Narcs is the first single from JackG’s highly anticipated and upcoming album titled Conceited, which will be released this summer. Money N Narcs comes with its own share of subliminal messages in its instrumentation and prose. However, despite its euphoric theme Money N Narcs is a refreshing tune that plays on drug language and symbolism as a metaphor for JackG’s lyrical skills and flamboyant lifestyle. The song’s overall presentation is delightful.

Another great highlight of JackG’s new single is its accompanying video. Money N Narcs has a nice lyric video that draws listeners and viewers into a mystical dimension that is under the influence of JackG’s train of thought. Seeing the content of Money N Narcs expressed in video is a real eye-opening experience. Lyrically, Money N Narcs exposes hypocrisies in the criminal justice system along with the entertainment industry. JackG gracefully flows forward in his description of legal authorities posing against the same drug world that they participate in behind closed doors.

Money N Narcs possesses all the telltale signs of music made for the expansion of JackG’s cult following. Love him or hate him, JackG’s Money N Narcs is a step in the right direction for the fame that is soon to come to one of the rap world’s greatest prophet of profits. Money N Narcs is something that you don’t want to miss.

2 thoughts on “Money N Narcs: The Beginning of JackG’s Musical Reign

  1. Jay Patel says:

    JackG is neither a rap legend/mogul nor someone with a flamboyant lifestyle. His company, Trumusic Ltd, is dissolved according to Companies House.

    The address was registered to a modest residence in Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire, with property prices on the street being around £170,000 or so. Not exactly a millionaire’s lifestyle. (This is probably his parent’s house as well)

    You don’t even need to look there for proof his story doesn’t add up. He has around 45K Instagram followers – if he was a rap mogul, this would be in the millions at the least.

    I suspect his act is either the work of a comedian or just someone with delusions of grandeur. Who knows? Only time will tell.

  2. If only person knew the real reason to his “wealth” he’s a dirty lying scum bag

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