Born and bred in Woking, England, Keido Bond possesses a strikingly innovative sound for these days and times. The half Japanese, half English rap artist, songwriter, and founder of Rising Son Music Marketing Ltd is on a mission to reveal his symphonious equity to hip-hop fans through raw talent and determination. Keido’s musical genius rises to the top in the release of his debut single titled Impact.

Produced by Patrick Osei, Impact offers Keido the perfect opportunity to pour his blood, sweat, and tears into doing what he does best, music. Impact is an intense ride that describes Keido’s aspiration of making incredible music as a rapper living with bipolar disorder. Impact opens with a charming stringed-instrumentation that is layered above the track’s hard-edged beat. The contrasting sounds and additional instruments are very effective in creating a dreamy and hazy melodious landscape, which proves to be an excellent podium for Keido’s fiery bars.

Keido puts the icing on the cake with a spectacular vocal performance that is free-flowing and compelling. Everything is real in Keido’s world and this is what listeners will feel. Amazingly, we find that the music video for Impact, which was directed by Eric Meyers, brilliantly captures Keido’s vision behind the track and much of its theme. Overall, Impact by Keido Bond is a superb display of music that is made for the soul.

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