"Hiphop should not be controlled, nor should it be held back from its original purpose. To uplift, to enlighten, to bring reality to the forefront and to elevate minds with words that were never heard in this form. I go by the name of J-CARTER, & that's one of the reasons I have come." - J-Carter
“Hip-hop should not be controlled, nor should it be held back from its original purpose. To uplift, to enlighten, to bring reality to the forefront and to elevate minds with words that were never heard in this form. I go by the name of J-Carter, & that’s one of the reasons I have come.” – J-Carter

As an admirable lyricist, J-Carter continues to employ a good work ethic on the road to becoming a household name. J-Carter’s passion for music has been a lifelong love affair. The New Jersey-based recording artist began writing rhymes at the age of thirteen and has since been involved in the perfection of his musical craft. J-Carter’s debut album Time To Shine was released in January of 2018 and is still receiving accolades. Approximately seven to eight months later, J-Carter has released a new album entitled I’m Still Here.

I’m Still Here is a full plate of hip-hop sensationalism with a message of hope through real-world demographics. The album is comprised of twenty tantalizing tracks. J-Carter guides this embellishing journey with linguistic visuals that simply make sense. Today, I will be reviewing the I’m Still Here album by providing a track by track analysis of the material. Bon voyage!

1-Aint’t Nothin To Play With – J-Carter opens I’m Still Here with the lyrical masterstroke entitled Ain’t Nothin To Play Wit. The track’s funky keyboard riffs facilitate a steady nostalgic groove that proves to be the perfect podium for J-Carter’s fair warning that verse-for-verse he is not the one to play with.

2-Death’s Best Friend – When someone read my first synopsis of this song I was advised to listen to the track again. Death’s Best Friend is an ingenious caper that will have you on the edge of your seat. This track is about seeing life in the eyes of a gun. J-Carter’s  drop-dead bars over this heart-chilling track easily puts us behind the chamber of life as a gun!

3-Different Directions – This is a wonderful rap song with a telltale message of two childhood friends who choose different paths in life. The tracks drum programming and soulful overtones make it an easy cinematic ride.

4-Don’t Doubt Me (Love Is Real) – Another stirring offering from J-Carter. The beat is fire! J-Carter sets up the night with his lady by offering a heavy dosage of charismatic lingo. However, the plot thickens as the woman is bent on pressuring J-Carter into marriage. Despite his love for her, J-Carter spits about taking things a bit more slowly. This is another track that gains more meaning after listening to it again.

5-Going Hard Tonight – Turning up the steam for romantic nights, Going Hard Tonight is a smooth rap that exemplifies the sensual aspect of the science between a man and a woman. The music is intoxicating and surely sets the mood for love’s adventure.

6-I Plead Da Fifth – After the themes of dinner and romance presented in the previous two tracks, listeners will come to appreciate J-Carter’s efforts in putting together a concept album that plays like a movie. I Plead Da Fifth discusses the woes of an insecure woman’s suspension that her man may be having an affair. J-Carter provides a convincing argument and a sarcastic cadence of words that shows otherwise. I Plead Da Fifth has its comical moments.

7-I’m Still Here – J-Carter raps over a homesick musical landscape that is bound to keep listeners’ fingers glued to the rewind button.

8-In Love Wit Da Money (Get Money) – J-Carter sets the record straight with this thought-provoking rhyme about the ills of a love for money and its satanic influences. I am very impressed by J-Carter’s delivery on the track and its hardcore instrumentation. J-Carter tells it like it is without sounding dated or preachy.

9-Make Your Feet Work – Wow! This is a tremendous rap song! First, the backing track sounds like a live band. J-Carter comes through with a signature flow and a brilliant hook. Make Your Feet Work is a treasure chest of all that rap music was made to be.

10-Miss You Mother – This sentimental hip hop melody touches upon a subject that many of us are sincerely acknowledge. The relationship that we have with our mother is something that can never be forgotten. J-Carter bestows a lens of focus lyrically that represents the joys and tragedies of having a mother and witnessing her pass form.

11-Open Your Eyes – I have to pronounce another “wow” after listening to Open Your Eyes and salute J-Carter for this one. It’s ironic that for all the rap music that I’ve heard or has been made, I don’t think I ever heard a rap song that specifically addresses domestic violence in the way that is portrayed in Open Your Eyes.

12-Please Forgive Me – One thing that I find admirable about the I’m Still Here album is its practical view of reality and day-to-day life. We find this to be the case in another incredible song by J-Carter. Please Forgive Me treks upon a theme of spiritual discipline that a great majority of us have experienced when we are doing wrong.

13-Sad Song – The ills of American society and its effects upon our youth isn’t even discussed in political circles. Yet, rap music has tried to pull the world’s holier-than-thou coattails for years. J-Carter offers his take on the subject with this theatrical tune.

14- Stay Lyrically Sexy – J-Carter stays lyrically fit with an awesome display of prose and urban terminology. This is a solid track that battle rappers can take notes from.

15-Step Like That – Continuing in his verbal onslaught, J-Carter moves the crowd with a rough and rugged party anthem while brandishing some of his best bars.

16-These Lyrical Guns – J-Carter keeps fake emcees on their toes with a witty libretto and musical soundscapes that comes straight out of a gunslinger movie. It doesn’t get any better than this!

17-Time To Get Down (Let’s Get Down) – A slick production that embellishes the funk music era, Time To Get Down brings the dance floor to the block party and back to the living room. J-Carter switches up the flow for a true school reinvention of good times at the club.

18- Who’s That – Riding with J-Carter on a beat that makes you feel like your walking on top of the world just became easier with Who’s That.

19-Who’s Tired – A very scintillating rap song that is quite inspiring. The hook is an awesome display of inventiveness. Who’s Tired has a strong acoustic chamber splendid enough for J-Carter’s social commentary.

20-Your Third Eye – J-Carter concludes the I’m Still Here album with a warm and intelligible look and life and some the questions our existence spawns. Your Third Eye builds an added appreciation that refreshingly sums up this very skillful journey.

I’m Still Here is a monumental Hip Hop classic. This album is J-Carter’s sonic movie that is brought to us through lively verses. J-Carter has a story to tell and through such transmissions, we can find gemstones with properties that can heal ourselves, each other, and human society.


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