Based out of Pittsburg, the sensational sounds of The Vics continue to delight music fans worldwide. Comprised of members Bobby Dugan (guitar, vocals), Ben Auer (guitar), Nick Linder (bass), and Henri Seabright (drums), this illustrious quartet has procured a refreshing blues-rock fusion since their formation in 2015. After the success of their self-released EP Sparrow and self-titled album in 2017, The Vics are on the verge of making a dynamic follow-up with their new songs titled Fourth and Clay and Proud.

Fourth and Clay begins with a very crisp and organic vibe. The track is superbly mixed. Listeners can hear everything that’s going on, which serves as a huge aid in drawing us into The Vics’ cinematic lyricism. The melody has a nice swing to it and is further enhanced by conversational layers of both acoustic and electric guitars. Fourth and Clay is a surreal look at day-to-day life through the vision of a street corner that is poetically expressed in a manner similar to the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby. The Vics, however, are able to capture this scheme in an original song structure that will have you yearning for more.

Proud translates into a funky reality with its free-spirited bassline and excellent percussion. The song is effective in its message of the self-deceit that our pride can often make us victim. Proud’s catchy hook and sudden ending are indeed impressionable.

The Vics’ new singles are sure-fire winners as they embody the creative genius of the band and share a message that is relative to us all. If you are a fan of inventive melodies with a great sound, then Fourth and Clay and Proud will fill your appetite.

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