Based out of Germany, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter Jo Oliver has a passion for music that is like no other. His lifelong love affair with the musical arts began as a youth while studying guitar. From playing in bands, giving music lessons, and even writing textbooks on musical instruction, Oliver’s career has led him into many symphonious dimensions. It is no wonder that we find Oliver credited as the lead singer, backup vocalist, guitarist, bass player, keyboardist, and drummer on his debut hit single Shine On (You).

Shine On (You) is a delightful tune that borders upon the folk, pop, rock, and soul musical genres. Shine On (You) has a charming groove and strong electric guitar overtones. Oliver is able to add a soulful essence to the melody with an enthralling vocal performance. Amazingly, Shine On (You) peaked at number #1 in the Amazon Soul Music category back in October of 2017. Shine On (You) is a captivating rock-soul song that embellishes Jo Oliver’s musical genius.

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