Based in Baltimore, Maryland, producer and multi-instrumentalist Georgie Porgie rides under the banner of GP Music in creating some of the finest beats to date. I was recently given the opportunity to see what GP had in his storage tank of new workings and was blessed to find Swed (A SoundTape).

GP has managed to put together a unique synthesis of genres that runs the border between improvisation, experimental, electronic, and hip-hop music. His latest endeavor begins with Barbie World. This track open up with some bright off-beat keyboarding that works in synch with the tracks theme. Barbie Girl abruptly ends, as we are led into the picture perfect plastic world of male vogue with Kissed a Thot. This is a fabulously raw track that would work boldly as a single. GP’s production is very visual. The vocals add some warmth to the track, which is somewhat reminiscent of the voice texture that can be heard on old garage house tracks. Kissed a Thot sparkles with its slightly humorous overtones, definitely something enjoyable.

Shake It has a hip-hop feel, but the raw vocalization on the track is worthy enough to build a new genre in music. Shake It is about feeling free over and over again. The production on Shake It is transcendent with its smooth instrumentation that is easily to follow. Yet, despite its various ingredients this is one of GP’s finest productions.

GP has managed to put together a collector’s item if marketed appropriately. Swed (A SoundTape) would definitely work well in the clubs. Listeners are sure to anticipate more from this producer. Swed (A Soundtape) is music for feeling like you can be yourself, which is what GP’s Swed (A Soundtape) has to offer.

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