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The Belligerent North Star Is An Infectious Treat From White Robot

White Robot is an extraordinary musical duo with an avant-garde sound that incorporates elements of goth, folk, and progressive rock musical genres. Comprised of members Amanda Joy and Asher Cochláin, the group’s sonic expression finds an equally amazing origin story, which can be determined in the recording of their album The Belligerent North Star.

The Belligerent North Star consists of nine heartwarming tracks. This album was recorded in separate states, as Amanda Joy resides in Florida and Asher Cochláin in Washington. The two group members have never met but were able to produce an offering that transcends many “in-house” recordings. Joy is a natural talent and an intoxicating songstress. She has a powerful voice and is confident in her work as a musician. Cochláin’s work as a great guitarist, instrumentalist, and vocalist that is worthy of many accolades along the road less traveled. White Robot has an exceptional quality about them that rises to the surface when we explore their music and more specifically The Belligerent North Star album.

1-Dark Horse – Amanda Joy’s voice is captivating and a testimony of the raw talent that White Robot possesses. The track is a good introduction to the organic flavor of The Belligerent North Star album.

2-Clap Hands – This is a song is an excellent example of how a melodious landscape and an unorthodox song structure perfect each other. Cochláin puts together a wonderful recipe to Clap Hands with the stroke of his guitar as Amanda Joy provides a spectacular vocal performance.

3-Paranoid Rose – A great title for a tremendous effort by White Robot that is equally compelling and poetic. Once again, Amanda Joy sings a soulful haiku of melody with sincerity.

4-Broke His Body With A White Rope – Cochláin takes the lead vocally in a Dylan-styled tune about the fate of a prisoner of war. The acoustic guitar play provides a warm rhythm that is easy to follow.

5-Banshee and a Farm Boy – A dark charm of a melody that is filled with gothic lore made tangible through song, Banshee and a Farm Boy features the vocals of both Joy and Cochláin making it a perfect group effort.

6-James – A lustrous track about James Earl Jones the actor who played Darth Vader. The melody and elements of this tune are very attractive.

7-Go Go Heartless Horse – An endearing composition set in the language of guitar instrumentation. The track’s beauty is found in its subtle language.

8-Flame of Grey – Joy moves to a higher octave of voice embellished by this theatrical groove, something that we are moved to listen to again and again.

9-All Thorns Are Brothers – A tasteful outro interlude that serves as the perfect gateway for listening to this album once again.

The Belligerent North Star by White Robot is a poetic synthesis of euphonic harmonies and heavenly instrumentation that stirs deep emotion. Each track on the album is a portal to its own dimension of symphonic brilliance. The freedom we experience in The Belligerent North Star album is due to White Robot’s unmechanical, yet wholesome approach to music, and for that, we are blessed.

The Belligerent North Star – Bandcamp