Saison Enfer (UK) are releasing their debut EP entitled Three Seasons on April 9th, 2019. The new project will be available on all digital platforms. Comprised of band members Daniel (vocals), John (guitar), Hagley (bass), and Rami (drums), Saison Enfer’s riveting sound rides upon an ocean of metal and progressive hard rock music. In fact, the band’s new release is based upon the lovely concept of spiritual mayhem.

Three Seasons is a crafty offering that features Saison Enfer’s knack for unorthodox guitar riffs and hazy soundscapes. This stirring collection of songs is centered on otherworldly themes. Three Seasons opens with Hex, a song about a witch’s vulnerability that holds a sharp, yet witty comparison between gender and power. Hex has a rugged groove that we can sink our ears into. Yet, it is an intense ride that reads like a gothic novel.

The EP continues with a gripping track called Beverly. The music is free-spirited and possesses a contagious guitar lead. The song is about a haunting but is ingeniously sung from the perspective of the apparition. Saison Enfer concludes this blissful trip with Harlot Hotel, a melodic that describes the death of a poet.

Three Seasons by Saison Enfer turns out to be a glance at the other side of life through a musical oracle that reveals the significance of our own world. The group’s presentation is solid. Daniel’s vocals are incredible and everything in between is more than enough to keep us alive. For more information about Saison Enfer and the release of their upcoming debut album, please visit their Facebook page at: 

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