Grayson Word

While still in his late teens Grayson Word has established himself as a career musician. Working with some of the finest music veterans in the world, Grayson successfully released his debut EP Different Kind of Free before graduating high school. Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, the soulful singer and songwriter started playing piano at the age of five. Certainly a maestro of exceptional talent, Grayson thrives with a distinctive expression of soul and R&B music that is inspirational and uplifting. His newest single titled All Night is set for release on November 1st, 2018.

All Night is a sophisticated tune with a warm groovy landscape that is inviting. The track begins with a lovely piano movement that builds anticipation for what is to follow. Grayson is able to take the well-structured rhythms of All Night and make them his own through an outstanding vocal performance that could work as a generation-mender for devotees of soul music’s classic era and the post-millennial sound. All Night has a delectable cool that is somewhat reminiscent of George Benson’s Give Me The Night with a brighter edge. All Night by Grayson Word is sure to turn heads til the break of dawn.

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