Midwest Baby 2

As one of the realest up and coming earners DTB Smoove is an unfolding legend in progress. The midwestern lyricist is noted for his unique style of rap-song fusion that speaks to the hearts of urban music devotees worldwide. DTB received a blizzard of accolades after the release of his mixtape Midwest Baby in 2017. DTB has opened up for such acts like NBA Young Boy, Chicago’s Lud Foe, Zay Hilfigerrr (Ju Ju On The Beat), and southern rap legend Shawty Lo! His new mixtape Midwest Baby 2 is the long-awaited music that we need and anticipated.

DTB Smoove
DTB Smoove’s relentless focus adds up to success.

DTB (Destined To Be) has an enchanting flavor that sports the bravado of originality. DTB Smoove steps to a level of the criticless in Midwest Baby 2. As a neighborhood legend with a luxurious flow, DTB does what most can’t in painting graphics by verse and bar along with sharing some moral lessons about the mural destined fools who broke the code of the streets. To put it bluntly, DTB is the truth and the shadow behind it. Packed with a full plate of thirteen banging tracks, DTB brings his story to life with gems like Gucci Smoove, Alphabet, and Ghetto Gospel just to name a few. Overall, Midwest Baby 2 proves to be the perfect sequel to the mixtape of the same name.

If you are not familiar with the work of the Midwestern craftsman, then it is worthwhile to begin at the beginning with the ten-track masterpiece Midwest Baby. This is an awesome offering where the protocol is music for the day. DTB Smoove has something for everybody. All day every day, anywhere from coast to coast it’s got to be Midwest Baby! For more info please visit DTB Smoove’s website: https://dtbsmoove.com/ 

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  1. Chantele aka TelTel says:

    Man…. DTB Smoove definitely dope on everything ever done. Midwest Baby 1 hottest ever .💯💯💯💯💯…MWB2… I’M DIGGING IT👍💪nothing but love tho💯💪💪

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