Russell Spencer Downe
Actor and healer Russell Spencer Downe is helping family members find each other after adoption.

As an actor, spiritual healer, and a true visionary, Russell Spencer Downe has certainly proven himself to be an asset to human society. Not only is Downe noted for his tremendous artistic ability, but philanthropic efforts as a humanitarian. Russell Spencer Downe has been helping reunite mothers who were forced to give up their babies for adoption in the 1960s,

Different from today’s world, we find that in the 1960s and decades prior, illegitimate births were heavily frowned upon and the wealthy would often force their own daughters to put their babies up for adoption. Fortunately, people like Downe have spent a great amount of work in helping to reunite such families. Recently, I had the honor of talking with Downe about this wonderful service he is spearheading. I think you will find his words insightful and encouraging. Enjoy!

Warlock Asylum: When did you start reuniting families?

Russell Spencer Downe: A few years ago I was working on a probate case, trying to trace a family member relevant to the case. And a family friend asked if I could find her daughter, she was forced to give away in the 1960s.

Warlock Asylum: Were you successful in finding her daughter?

Russell Spencer Downe: Yes I was, but it took me two years to do so. I finally found her daughter living in Canada and they were successfully reunited the following year. In the meantime, I started helping other people in my spare time.

Warlock Asylum: How did you end up offering a free service for adopted families?

Russell Spencer Downe. It just sort of happened after I solved a few cases for people. By word of mouth, people would contact me through social media asking if I could help them.  As I was already using many different types of software in my genealogy work and probate cases, it became a natural progression. And I couldn’t find it in my heart to charge people, How can you put a price on this? There is nothing more gratifying then successfully reuniting a mother and child.

Warlock Asylum. Have you had any cases where one side doesn’t want contact?

Russell Spencer Downe: Yes a few.  I follow a strict set of rules I call my code. I never pass contact information onto either side until everyone is in agreement. These things are very sensitive issues and you have to respect everyone involved. I’ve had a few cases where one side doesn’t want to pursue it any further.  This can be hard, but I do explain the possible outcomes to a client before I take up a case.

Warlock Asylum: Have you had any difficult cases?

Russell Spencer Downe: Yes, I was once asked to find someone’s mother as they were adopted during the War. The client had been trying to find her mother for many years. I worked on the case for a long time and eventually tracked down family members of the mother, who was now an elderly lady in her eighties. My client’s mother was impregnated while her husband was away at war, so the child was put up for adoption. The family felt that because she was now old and had never mentioned it to them. They didn’t want to burden her with it. This case stuck in my mind, as each case is different and can come with its own complications.

 Warlock Asylum: How many families have you reunited?

Russell Spencer Downe: I work alone. So I am limited to how many cases I can work on at any one time. Most of the cases that come to me have exhausted all other means in trying to find their family member. The sad thing is that I receive lots of cases, but have little time. However, I have successfully reunited 10 clients with either their parent, sibling, grandparent and hundreds of others with their extended families. I am always working on a case in my spare time. 

Warlock Asylum: Are a lot of your cases from the 1960s? 

Russell Spencer Downe: Yes, my main focus is helping mothers and children from this era. The social, economic and religious pressures that existed at the time are easily forgotten now that the stigma of illegitimacy has been erased and sex before marriage is the norm.

Thousands of women were coerced into giving up their children. This was a terrible injustice and it has never been corrected. Such a sad situation, and being able to help just one person is a magical experience.

*Thank you so much for taking the time to share some of your experiences with us. On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, I would like to wish you all the best in your earthly and spiritual endeavors.

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