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The Christmas Tree by Peter Senior

The Christmas Tree by Peter Senior

Based out of Sydney, Australia, singer and songwriter Peter Senior has an unprecedented passion for music. Senior was reared in a musical family, which allowed him to step in the shoes of his melodic dreams early in life by singing and performing in local musicals. Today, this gifted virtuoso is very active in and around Sydney’s music scene, along with trips to Asia and TV appearances. Senior has ingeniously made this year’s holiday festivities even brighter with The Christmas Tree.

The Christmas Tree is Peter Senior’s new song. The track has a blissful sound that is cheerfully energetic. Senior’s creative ability shines through The Christmas Tree in a melody that draws from the elements of pop, rock, and soul music genres. Senior is able to capture the essence of the Christmas spirit in a festive chorale.

The Christmas Tree opens with a strong musical collage that includes a driving beat, piano, keyboards, and other instrumentation. Senior provides a soulful vocal performance that puts a handmade warmth on the rhythm. The Christmas Tree by Peter Senior is one song that is a must-have for this holiday season and many more to come. For more information, please visit:

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