Raised in New Jersey and presently based out of San Diego, the electrifying rap artist, record producer, and songwriter Anthony Antoniello aka Spektiv has a very unique flow and an endearing message that people from all walks of life can enjoy. When I listen to Spektiv, I hear sincerity and mouthful of soul-piercing bars that come with an enchanting cadence. Spektiv has just released a spectacular debut album entitled Vuja De.

Vuja De is a musically fluent effort that employs brilliant levels of funk, jazz, and soul music into its hip-hop fusion. The album is comprised of ten deliciously-flavored tracks. Spektiv’s intensity behind the mic is balanced with his unearthly poise. None of the tracks feel forced or rushed. Spektiv keeps things simple, and it is due to such that listeners of his music are held captive.

Vuja De Track-by-Track Review

Cloud10 – Vuja De open with the exotic sounds of Cloud10. The track’s instrumentation is led by a fabulous acoustic guitar sequence. Spektiv’s rhyme is enthralling as much as it is autobiographical. His charm in verse finds a common ground with the listener that works in giving his words a visual that all can see.

Brighter Day: The beautiful thing about Spektiv’s lyricism is the inspiration that he is able to impart to others. Brighter Day certainly lives up to its title as Spektiv’s flow is impeccable and backed by a musical landscape that draws from elements of funk and jazz flare in the background.

Reach: Spektiv gracefully paints a picture of overcoming the illusions of life in order to be who we truly are. Reach is a soulful offering that profoundly demonstrates Spektiv’s poetic charisma and wisdom in rhyme. In one verse he proclaims that all he “wanted to be was me,” when referring to himself and his personal growth. Reach is a delightful dreamy track that reveals Spektiv’s inventiveness as a wordsmith.

No More: This is another favorite that captures much of life’s beauty and perspective for maintaining a good life in the organic sense of the term.

Dear Momma: A beautiful rap song by Spektiv that covers the value of motherhood and some of the joy obtained through the relationship we have with our mothers. Salute!

Legendary: Another gem that analyzes the levels of friendship we may experience in life. This track is a really cool collaboration that weighs in a winner on the r&b and rap fusion.

Fast Lane: This is one of those grooves that pulls you out of your seat and sets up the stage for rewind-button addiction. Coupled with some excellent female vocals in the song, Spektiv makes it clear that he’s on the path of becoming a household name by not slowing down.

Sadderday: A very touching rap love track worked with some hardcore feelings and honest visions from Spektiv. One of the few rap efforts on the topic of making a lady feel special that has a strong sense of realism.

I’m Good: Spektiv takes us on an inward journey that excludes any displays of fakeness. The track has a trippy overtone but fits perfectly with the subject at hand.

Driftin’: Spektiv concludes this masterful presentation with his philosophical perspective on life and the importance of accountability. The song has a tremendous hook and melody.

Vuja De by Spektiv is a perfected masterpiece that incorporates the time-honored principles of classic rap in post-modern fashion. Spektiv keeps it a buck and his open and honest approach about his own hopes and fears acts as a strong reminder of how these very same attributes resonate in our own lives. Vuja De excels with its bright instrumentation and inspiring prose. Spektiv hit the nail on the head and gives his audience something to think about at the same time.

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  1. Awesome review of this album! It’s definitely an uplifting and empowering album. I bump to it everyday in my car!

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