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Electronic music composer Mingo has been living in a dream of ambient soundscapes and other facets of experimental and drone music for over two decades. Mingo’s career has produced over ten albums along with radio appearances and live performances in and out of the Colorado area. Mingo’s latest release titled Echoes In A Shallow Sea is a brilliant display of the maestro’s genius and creative pulse.

Echoes In A Shallow Sea is composed of eight ambient tracks. Mingo is able to transport listeners to distant lands and etheric worlds through a series of atmospheric collages that touch the human soul. Echoes In A Shallow Sea promotes a journey inward and through is sonic terrain we are able to travel to the stars.

Track Review of Echoes In A Shallow Sea

Dustland – As the title suggests, Dustland is a bare mural of sound and affords the listener an opportunity to empty their cups. This massage of instrumentation provides a means of release. for today’s anxieties.

Lolite – A bit of a haunting track, Lolite is like the flicker of origin, the first light in the universe, unwinding and spiraling towards a new beginning in thought.

Pantheon – Emerging from the depths of our consciousness in the melody are the bright shapes of the divine family. Truly, this sea of synthesized chords creates a charming measure that proves to be an oasis.

Primordial – Visiting the dimension that exists beyond heaven is simply the indifference of how we perceive life versus the poetic patterns of reality. 

Forestland – An amazing track that perfectly displays the cinematic heights of Echoes In A Shallow Sea. As one of few tracks on this album that carries a sequence of percussion, Forestland marks its path by setting a stage of musical inspiration.

Timelash – This is a very enthralling composition that is heightened by its seemingly whipping wind sounds and tribal drums.

Shallow Sea – As one of the brighter compositions on the Echoes In A Shallow Sea album, Shallow Sea fits into a charming personification of the project’s overall sound. Melodic poetry can be heard in the language of instruments set forth in this track.

Nebula – Nebula completes Mingo’s masterful work. The track’s return to a primordial state of consciousness that we encounter at the beginning of the album is perfectly in tune with the circle of life.

Echoes In A Shallow Sea has some very deep messages that are both entertaining and hopeful. Mingo is able to let his gift as an electronic composer speak for itself. This album is truly a passionate voyage from a heartfelt space that is bound to touch and shape our outlook on life and music.

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