Meet The Infamous DJ Shaolin

Shaheed Brown aka DJ Shaolin

Shaheed Brown aka DJ Shaolin

Stepping onto the urban music scene with a strong reverence for the art of deejaying, Shaheed Brown aka DJ Shaolin is one technician of the craft whose passion can easily be determined from his ambition. Popularly known as The Worlds Most Dangerous” DJ, Shaolin specializes in Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, House, Old School, and Reggae. He is also the CEO of The HOT NOIZE INTERNATIONAL DJS and HOT NOIZE EXCLUSIVE ON-DEMAND Brand.


DJ Shaolin began cultivating his love for deejaying during his youth. Having been reared in the borough of Queens, New York, where legendary DJs like Jam Master Jay originated, Dj Shaolin was motivated by the evolving culture and sounds of Hip Hop. He would soon gain insight into the deejaying from the predecessors he idolized, which included Jam Master Jay, DJ Kool Herc, DJ Busy Bee, Red Alert, Chuck Chill Out, DJ SNS, Kid Capri, Ron G., DJ Premier, and Cut Master C. just to name a few.

Shortly after deejaying his first gig in Atlanta several years ago, a place that he now calls home, DJ Shaolin has administered his skills at countless venues. What was once a simple dream has now turned into a movement. DJ Shaolin’s mixtapes are in demand. Along with his own online radio show “Exclusive On Demand,” DJ  Shaolin is also a mixer on four FM radio stations, which include Z 93 Jamz, 92Q, Power 107.1 and 96.7 The Beat Iheart Radio. Other possibilities for expanding DJ Shaolin’s platform are now in the works, as he continues to bring people together in sound.


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