Delusive Relics are an awesome electronic/synth-pop duo consisting of members Frank Nik and Anis Oveisi. Formerly a member of Iran’s first premier progressive rock band Mavara, Frank Nik decided it was time to explore his childhood fascination with electronic music after 17 years of working as a rock musician. He also initiated the expertise of Anis Oveisi, who also played with Mavara.

Immersed in a clever and imaginative world of heartfelt chorale, Delusive Relics capture our attention with the beauty of a boundless sound and socially conscious lyricism. The group’s debut album titled Chaotic Notions holds a stream of moods that are consistent with the etheric vibe we are all living within. Chaotic Notions is set for release in February of 2019. The album is comprised of eleven tracks. Below is an intuitive summary of Delusive Relics debut effort.

Chaotic Notions by Delusive Relics

Chaotic Notions: Track-by-Track Review

1-Command Machine: A brilliant track that is very inventive in its execution. Although the music is built upon an electronic music landscape, there is a strong organic chord pulsating through Command Machine and the entire album. The interchange of harmonies between Frank Nik and guest vocalist Mackenzie Ninee are well-crafted along with the tune’s driving rhythm with Anis Oveisi on keyboards.

2-Inner Man: The opening drums and the prolific bassline is incredible. The track’s structure incorporates elements of world music, which gracefully compliment its theme of going within and learning of our true self.

3-Come With Me Now: A very beautiful song that reveals Delusive Relics’ inventiveness and creative mind. The song opens like a ballad fostered by a single piano. The latter part of the song emerges into a melody of brisk drum programming and keyboard rhythms.

4-Fake World: A gem of a track with soulful overtones led by a spectacular vocal performance by Athena Dawn. Fake World is truly an expression of electro-pop.

5-Paint Your Feelings: The song’s theme is about the freedom of expression we as human beings are capable of displaying and in this principle do we find the music of appropriating this very same subject.

6-A Woman’s Diary: This epic tune comes with an earth-shattering musical backdrop and equally nostalgic message of gender equality. The craftsmanship and luster-filled instrumentation grab the listener emotionally as the song proceeds to expound on its timely theme.

7-Lost: A very catchy tune that possesses a bright and positive message. The keyboard rhythm is very invigorating along with vocals by special guest Steven Wallerstein.

8-Push Them Away: Very unique bassline with a throbbing allure we find Push Them Away is a captivating expression of many of the woes we face in the world. Delusive Relics expresses this perfectly through song.

9-Illusion (Part 1): Somewhat of an improve composition Illusion (Part 1) is a wonderfully created experimental tune that fosters interest in looking behind the veil. Illusion begins a three-part musical sequence of irresistible measure.

10-Delusion (Part 2): With a fierce electronic dance groove, Delusive Relics makes a bold statement within an equally bold forecast of the things that affect us while existing beyond our direct experience.

11-Hallucination (Part 3): As the concluding track on the Chaotic Notions album, Hallucination is a deep tune that takes a cinematic approach to melody and easily transports the listener to a world that lies not to us, but our senses. Hallucination is filled with a rich musical imagery that begins in electronic muse and delightfully broadens into its own journey.

Chaotic Notions is an excellent display of Delusive Relics’ musical creativity and diversity. It is not every day that we hear of a group formed from musical veterans of an entirely different genre embracing and excelling in a new melodic venture. In this case, we find that Delusive Relics have not only made musical history with such a bold endeavor into the world of electronic music and its associated amenities but have proven that the language of music is one. Chaotic Notions by Delusive Relics is a true masterpiece of its genre and a testimony of those who have trodden the crossroads where imagination meets sound.

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